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Yellowfin offers the only analytics platform that combines machine learning, visualization, collaboration and storytelling to provide customers with the quickest time to value.
Transform your data into rich visualizations and interactive dashboards. Answer your organization’s most important questions. Then share, collaborate and make data-driven decisions with Yellowfin. Yellowfin is a modern BI platform that empowers business analysts and business users to work together. Yellowfin makes data more accessible, valuable and actionable – for everyone.

This is why Yellowfin has twice the adoption rate of other BI systems

People need data and, more importantly, useful and trustworthy information to move their enterprise forward. Most business people don’t want to create their own reports – they’d rather consume trustworthy data. That’s why Yellowfin focuses on providing data you can rely on, built on data and systems that work for business users, data analysts, and IT professionals. And the result is that Yellowfin is typically deployed across organisations at twice the rate of our competitors.

Today almost all business intelligence solutions look the same at the output layer – the standard charts and graphs in bright colours that make your data easier to understand. The challenge resides in getting the right the technology behind those pretty charts and graphs. Yellowfin delivers the platform to effectively manage your data enterprise-wide, so people can access, share, and create trustworthy data companywide. Without these tools, all you’re doing is sharing enhanced spreadsheets.


We are Absolut Data Indonesia

Absolut Data is the Authorized Distributor of Yellowfin Business Intelligence in Indonesia, providing Business Analytics tool through our trusted partners.

Headquartered in the “big durian” city, Jakarta, Absolut Data Indonesia is a sister company of BIG Change Agency.


You can always get what you want

Yellowfin Dashboards

Build AI-powered Dashboards

Understand what changed and why

Yellowfin Stories

Author Compelling Data Stories

Generate consistent, organizational understanding

Yellowfin Signals

Receive Automated Signals

Immediately see what your dashboards can’t find

Yellowfin Data Prep

Prepare data for analysis

Connect and transform your data

Yellowfin Data Discovery

Analyze data and discover insights

Uncover actionable information


Yellowfin is the ideal analytics platform for your industry, role and function.

Business User

We’ve developed Yellowfin with the business user at its heart to ensure your experience is CURATED.

Data analysts

A complete end-to-end analytics platform empowers you to deliver invaluable insights throughout your organization.

Enterprise IT

A platform that provides complete control, governance, access and visibility of your entire enterprise.


Experience the future of BI with us.


Seeing is believing.

Let us show you the best analytics products on the market, including the only automated analysis and cross-vendor storytelling products available anywhere.
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